Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.58.11 PMWelcome to my blog, Faithfully Rich!

Faithfully Rich is a blog documenting my walk with Jesus Christ. As a millennial woman who officially gave her life to Christ in June 2016, to say that my first year has been a journey is an understatement. Not necessarily in a bad way, just as an observation. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I have learned that as much as I want to be “perfect” on this faith walk, it’s not possible. No matter if you’re a babe in Christ or a seasoned Christian, you will slip up and fall short. But you wanna know the best part about that? God loves us anyway and always recognizes the intentions and efforts of our heart.

So I thought, why not share my experiences and life lessons with others. Oftentimes, we think we’re the only ones going through something in life and that’s not at all the case. So WHOEVER you are and WHEREVER you are, this blog is for you! We are connected and I hope that as you read these words, you’re able to relate and understand that you’ve got a friend in me!